Adrian Guest

Adrian Guest - Highland Bull
Whattie the Wippet - Sculpture

Adrian Guest - Aberdeen Angus
Whattie the Wippet

Adrian is now undertaking commissions of your beloved pets.
Example of "Whattie the Wippet" above.
For enquires please contact the gallery.

Adrian Guest - Fairy Door
Fairy Door

Adrian Guest - Daschunds

Adrian Guest - Snail Block
Snail Block

Adrian Guest - Hare Book Ends
Hare Book Ends

Adrian Guest - Fruit

Adrian Guest - Bull

Adrian Guest - Camel

Adrian Guest - Deer

Adrian Guest - Dog

Adrian Guest - Dog
Bull Terrier

Adrian Guest - Border Terrier
Border Terrier

Adrian Guest - Grey and Brown Hares
Grey and Brown Hares

Adrian Guest - Dalmatian

Adrian Guest - Rhino

Adrian Guest - Highland Bull
Highland Bull

Adrian Guest - Hound Dog
Hound Dog

Adrian Guest - Elephant

Adrian Guest - Zebra

Adrian Guest - Hare

Adrian Guest - Hare's Playing
Hare's Playing

Adrian Guest - Horse

Adrian Guest - Dog

Adrian Guest - Dog

Adrian Guest - Ram's Head
Ram's Head

Adrian Guest - Springer Spaniel
Springer Spaniel

Adrian Guest - Jack Russell
Jack Russell

Adrian Guest - Aberdeen Angus
Aberdeen Angus

Adrian Guest - Suffolk Sheep
Suffolk Sheep

Adrian Guest - Lion

Adrian Guest - Cat

Adrian Guest - Giraffe

Adrian Guest - Hippo


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Adrian secured an apprenticeship at Topaz Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent after leaving school. It was here that he honed his skills throwing pots and learning about all other aspects of ceramic production. After four years he set up on his own business at Cotwall End Craft Centre specialising in hand-thrown pots.

A passion for sculpture later developed, leading to showing and selling at exhibitions nationwide. Latterly Adrian sells his unique work in galleries throughout the country. Each sculpture starts from a number of thrown pots made on a potter�s wheel, these are then left to go �leather-hard�. They are then cut and assembled to get the basic shape, giving a firm, hollow body which is an ideal base to start sculpting.

Clay is then added or removed, shaped and carved until it has come to life. The sculpture is then finished with oxides, raw materials, clay slips and his own particular glazes. Adrain tries to capture the very essence of the animal, spending long periods observing, photographing and sketching each creature before he starts to sculpt it. He is a regular at his local safari park where he takes hundreds of photos of the animal he intends to sculpt. He is fascinated by muscle structure and how the skin folds with movement, which he tries to capture in his work.

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