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June began her art training in Yorkshire at the Harrogate School of Art where an introduction to ceramics began. Gaining a place on the Diploma in Art and Design course, ceramics, Wolverhampton, she pursued her love of strong form and texture producing sculptural pieces concerned with the natural environment.

While teaching, her work focused on primitive pottery, its basic construction and firing methods.  The technique of burnishing, which was widely practised in India, North America and Africa to polish the clay surface giving a smooth, shiny appearance and particularly to seal the porous surface, is a key feature of her work producing an irresistible, satin, tactile finish. She uses this technique as a purely decorative aspect not to make pieces waterproof.

Burnishing also heightens the effects of the salt, oxides and copper wire on the vessel during its firing. Lines of black criss-cross, blushes of pink, orange, greys, sometimes greens caress the surface. All the materials enclosed within the saggar (container within the kiln) make their impression on the each unique piece. Colours and designs are very much inspired by the patina of age over materials subjected to the weather, particularly rusted metal.; eroded stone, brickwork and wood; the breath-taking coruscations of the sky.

Museum visits to sketch and photograph archaeological ceramics have led June to purposely break some of her bisque fired work, reassembling them after the fragments are re-fired in the saggar. The contrasting colour, tones and the tight abutment of the joints are to her visually exciting, though not all her work has such brutal treatment.

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