Samuel Turner

Samuel Turner - Cupid Tames a Tiger
Cupid Tames a Tiger

Samuel Turner - Jacobs Ladder
Jacobs Ladder


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Samuel is an emerging, narrative artist living and working in London.  He studied Fine Art at Bristol University and continued honing his painterly skills at The Angel Academy of Art in Florence.  Samuel currently works at the National Art Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, places of huge inspiration.  His fascination with the techniques and artistic conventions from the Old Masters is evident for all to see.  A present-day exponent of the allegorical form, Samuel is a passionate young artist who emotionally immerses himself in the method and content of his subject matter, drawing on those disciplines from the traditions of the History genre.

Here we have a Renaissance painter for the twenty first century, crafting these captivating paintings with love and technical dexterity, themed from matters and subjects close to his heart. The dramatic content and colour echoing heroic postures and themes gleaned from Biblical and Mythological Art from centuries ago.

Sam believes “….everything beautiful about Art is expressed through human emotion.  My desire is to connect to tradition, expressing ideas of beauty and significance at a time when it rarely features in current artistic trends and it’s language is being forgotten…… My goal is to express myself in a way that will touch others and bring beauty and meaning in peoples’ lives”.

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