Mike Yorke - Empty ChairS

14th October - 2nd November 2013 Chester Cathedral
1st August - 30th September 2013 St Mary's Church and Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick
7th - 27th November 2012 St Mary and Bartholomew Church, Hampton-in-Arde
1st - 20th October 2012 National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire
1st August - 31st August 2012 St Mary's Church and Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick
16th June - 31st July 2012 Warwick Castle, Warwick
18th May 2012 Shire Hall, Warwick
5th - 15th November 2011 St Mary and Bartholomew Church, Hampton-in-Arden
17th September - 2nd October 2011 Coventry Cathedral, Coventry
7th - 31st July 2011 St Mary's Church and Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick
10th - 31st March 2011 Mitchell Gallery, Warwick

BBC Songs of Praise, Chester Cathedral, November 2013

Original Exhibition Film

Mike Yorke - Empty Chairs Empty Chairs - Mike Yorke Mike Yorke - Empty Chairs
Photography by Liz Drake


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In Support of Help for Heroes

Warwickshire artist Mike Yorke created a hugely moving piece of sculpture in commemoration of all the British soldiers lost during the Afghanistan conflict.

"Empty Chairs" consists of hundreds of hand-made, miniature wooden chairs, each in the style of the famous Vincent Van Gogh chair - the number sadly grows as more lives are tragically lost.

A moving tribute to the British soldiers lost in the Afghanistan conflict has also been created set to music enhances the viewers' experience.

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