TOM mitchell

Lady of the Lake

Tom Mitchell - Reborn

Tom Mitchell - Reborn

Tom Mitchell - Reborn
Angel Feather in Moonlight

Tom Mitchell - Evening Tide
Evening Tide

Angel Feather in Twilight by Tom Mitchell
Angel Feather in Twilight

Tom Mitchell - Feathers from Heaven
Feathers from Heaven

Berkswell in Spring
Berkswell in Spring

Tom Mitchell - Angel Wings in the Sunset
Angel Wings in the Sunset

Tom Mitchell - Reborn

Tom Mitchell - Contemplative Moments
Contemplative Moments

Tom Mitchell - Sunset Aura
Sunset Aura

Tom Mitchell - A Dream
A Dream

Tom Mitchell - Angel Feather
Angel Feather

Reborn III by Tom Mitchell
Reborn III

Spirit on Jacob's Ladder by Tom Mitchell
Spirit on Jacob's Ladder

Fields of Gold
Fields of Gold

Tree of Life
Tree of Life


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Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell was born in Airdrie, Scotland. At a very young age his family moved south to Coventry and he now resides primarily in Solihull, West Midlands, UK.

He studied Fine Art at Coventry Polytechnic and began doing commissioned work soon after, often from overseas.

As well as painting his own work Tom began to collect originals and limited edition prints of artists he particularly admired.

This became something of a hobby and for some time his painting gave way as he built quite a substantial collection.

In recent years Tom has rediscovered his passion for painting, helped in part by his spiritual beliefs and part by his experiences as an offshore yachtsman.

He draws inspiration from his love of the sea and he endeavours to capture some of the natural beauty he has been fortunate enough to experience.

This combined passion shown through his paintings, illustrating the link between these two worlds.

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